Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I join the Renegade Flyers now to reserve my place before I apply for my MAAC membership?
A: Yes, absolutely. If you are concerned about joining the club before the membership cap is reached, by all means send in an application and payment right away. Simply put in the "MAAC #" field on the application form : "Pending". Please note that you will not be issued a Renegade Flyers membership card until your MAAC membership is in place.

Q: Can I use my 72mhz transmitter at the field?
NO! There is no frequency control at the field to accomodate these transmitters. 2.4ghz transmitters only! Please note that many 72mhz transmitters can be upgraded with a new removable RF module. If you have a transmitter without a removable RF bay, it most likely can be upgraded to 2.4ghz with the use of a "DIY" RF kit.

Q: Are gas/glow powered planes allowed?
Yes. Internal combustion powered aircraft are permitted BUT noise levels are strictly enforced.

Here is an extract from our field rules:

Article 22.6: All engines must not exceed a noise level of 92 dB. The noise level is defined as the average of four readings (front, rear, left and right) measured with "A" weighting, 3 ft. (1 m) above the ground and a distance of 10 ft. (3 m) from the model. Jet turbine powered models are prohibited.

Please bear in mind that 22.6 is deliberate in using the general term "engine" and not the specific "internal combustion engine". Article 22.6 is written without prejudice: noise limitations apply to ALL aircraft, regardless of power source. Some poorly balanced EDF units can actually exceed the maximum sound level permitted.

Q: Can I fly my helicopter or multirotor at the club field?
No. Renegade Flyers is a club for fixed wing enthusiasts only.

Q: Does the club allow 3D flying?
A: Yes, with some limitations. 3D flyers are required to have an additional "call out". They call out taking off, landing, on the field etc, as well as "on the deck". When a flyer calls on the deck, he/she is doing low, slow 3D over the runway. Other flyers should do high circuits to avoid problems. If someone calls for a landing, or take off, the 3D'er must join the high circuit.
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